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Wynn M. Pham, BS, Realtor®“I am the owner/founder of www.MetrolinaLeasePurchase.com.  As an entrepreneur, investor and licensed Realtor®, I understand the fundamentals to getting qualified for financing to finally becoming a homeowner.  I also understand that life can throw curveballs that are unforeseen such as divorces, bankruptcies, job losses, foreclosures and short sales and many economic shortcomings that can prevent you from obtaining the financing you need to buy a new home. Here at MetrolinaLeasePurchase.com we understand this problem and have created a win-win solution for home sellers, landlords and our tenant buyers. Through our Lease-to-Own or Rent-to-Own program we’re able to provide housing needs for those who may be credit challenged or just tired of throwing away rent. When the banks say NO, we say YES! Your past credit does not determine your eligibility through us. With our help in restoring or rebuilding your credit in our program, you can be confident we can help you achieve the American dream of home ownership.”

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“We look forward to a new week of helping more people get into their brand new homes, cars, boats, jobs, even better rates on insurance and utilities!! We will do a free credit analysis for you. To find out more call us below for more info. We will be here to tell you about savings opportunities for not only credit repair but also mortgage and realty services.”

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