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Would you like to sell your home quickly? How would you like to get full price? Would you also like to avoid steep commissions and ridiculous junk fees while your at it? …Well, you’ve come to the right place.

      • Our team specializes in finding highly motivated buyers who wish to own a home and for one reason or another have not been able to. Our Rent-to-Own program has been designed to assist these buyers overcome whatever obstacles or challenges have stood in their way.
      • We can help you sell faster and for more money. We do this by matching you up with a tenant-buyer who will lease your home for a specified period of time as they work with to qualify for a loan to purchase.
      • Typically this process takes between 6 to 24 months.

More reasons why Sellers like working with us…

      • Costs nothing to have us advertise and bring forth a Qualified Tenant-Buyer that you approve of.
      • Sellers get full asking price for their homes (our fees paid by the tenant-buyer)
      • Sellers can still sell or rent their home on their own (without fees or penalties)
      • Our Lease Option Marketing Agreement is NON-EXCLUSIVE, meaning that you can cancel at any time.
      • If we don’t find a Tenant-Buyer the seller owes nothing.
      • Alleviates burden of making out-of-pocket monthly mortgage payments.
      • Our Tenant-Buyers are pre-screened for our program.
      • Tenant-Buyers are responsible for repairs to the home during the Rent-to-Own period.
      • Sellers see our program as a great alternative to selling at a deep discount in order to compete with foreclosures and short-sales.
      • We make the process easy for both the buyer and seller.

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Here you will submit the minimum amount of monthly rent acceptable from a tenant-buyer on a lease purchase. Please keep in mind, the better deal you can offer, the more interest we can generate. This ultimately results in an expidited transaction.

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The list price is the best price you can offer a tenant-buyer on a lease purchase. Again, the better deal you can offer, the more interest we can generate. Ultimately resulting in a quicker sale, feel free to contact us if you would like some help determining a competetive price.

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By submitting this form I hereby attest that I am either a licensed agent in the state of North Carolina authorized by the legal owner to advertise, market, show and present offers on the property or; I am the legal owner of the aforementioned property or other party with legal equitable interest that would enable me to enter into a lease agreement and collect rents. I further attest that the property is not presently in foreclosure, that the mortgage is current or will be prior to tenant occupancy.

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