Step 3: Lease-Option Marketing Agreements

Our Non-Exclusive Marketing Agreement authorizes Metrolina Realty Holdings, LLC to show your home to potential Tenant-Buyers in an effort to lease and/or sell the property with final seller approval. It also gives us the necessary information so that we can answer the prospective tenant buyer’s questions about your home, as well as establish value. It also protects your right to sell or lease the property without us, and gives us the legal right to market your property. If you have any questions or concerns about the document, please contact us immediately.

This agreement in no way prohibits you, the seller, from leasing or selling the property on your own. Additionally, this agreement may be cancelled at any time without penalties or fees.

**Note: If your home is vacant, we recommend that you get a combination lock-box to place on your home. They only cost ~$25 and will save a lot of time and gas in showing your home. They can be picked up at any Lowe’s, Home Depot or locksmith. We require that tenants provide us with an application and a copy of their driver’s license prior to viewing your home.

Prior to the tenant moving into the property, we suggest that you purchase a home warranty. The reason for this is that although our leases are set up where the tenant takes care of all the day-to-day maintenance and repairs, there are laws in place to protect people leasing properties. (For example, if the air conditioner breaks, you must fix it promptly.) The easiest way to have this not to be an issue is to purchase a home warranty and give the tenant the contact information for the warranty company so that they can arrange for repair.

Fill this out to get started:

Please complete the required Lease-Option Marketing Agreement below by clicking on the Document Icon below. It will direct you to a E-Signature page where you’ll complete and e-sign the Property Information Worksheet & Non-Exclusive Lease-Option Agreement.

After you submit, it will be sent automatically to our office where our next step is to begin marketing the property to our prospective tenant buyers.

Lease-Option Marketing Agreement

We look forward to working with you! Thanks, Wynn


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