Sell: How it Works?

  • Step-1: Submit Your Listing

    First you’ll sign up by filling out the online Property Information Form detailing your homes info, your asking price and how much you need a month in rent.  We will also need a signed Option Agreement with these terms.  This form gives us authorization to market the option on the property and assign the deal to one of our pre-qualified tenant buyers.

  • Step-2: Expose Your Home

    We will then discuss with you our best strategies and develop a marketing plan specific to your property and our staff will generate all of the marketing materials and upload your home’s information to our best traffic-generating websites. Your home will also  be presented to our current database of Pre-Qualified Tenant-Buyers.

  • Step-3: Showings

    Showings of your home are typically scheduled with plenty of notice, however, in some rare cases showings can occur with as little as 1 hr notice (flexibility with short-notice showings has proven to help sell homes much quicker).

  • Step-4: Secure a Contract

    Once we secure a Tenant-Buyer for your property, we will put together a Lease-Purchase Package containing a Filled-out Lease-Purchase Agreement.

  • Step-5: Set Up Escrow

    After you have approved the Tenant-Buyer, they will deposit the first month’s rent and our fee to the escrow company. Prior to the Tenant-Buyer moving in, you will receive the first month’s payment.

  • Step-6: Collect Payments

    The Tenant-Buyer will subsequently continue to make monthly rent payments to you directly or you may elect to have rent collection handled by a third party escrow company.

  • Step-7: Sell Your Home

    Lastly, your Tenant-Buyer will continue working with a Credit Repair Specialist and/or Loan Officer to ultimately complete the sale of your property within the time specified in the Lease-Purchase Agreement.