Seller Benefits

  • We can get you a great price for your home. And you won’t have to pay any out of pocket fees or commissions!
  • Debt Relief!  How much longer can you continue making mortgage payments on a 2nd house, or a vacant house? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else made your mortgage payments for you?  You can start collecting rent instead of bleeding out cash on your vacant property.
  • It doesn’t cost you anything for our services. We collect our fee from the tenant-buyer – up front, when we find someone that you approve.
  • You can still advertise the home yourself. If you find a tenant or a buyer before we do, you won’t owe us anything! You are under no obligation. So go ahead and keep advertising the house yourself.
  • We already have clients looking for homes in your neighborhood.
  • There is always a strong demand for homes that are selling on a Lease Purchase.
  • Tenant Buyers have an ownership mentality.  Tenant Buyers take care of the property better than regular tenants.
  • They typically pay on time, take care of all repairs, and won’t call you to fix a clogged toilet late at night.
  • We pre-screen our clients before they even see any houses. If they can’t meet our requirements they are not accepted into our program.
  • You are welcome to conduct your own additional screening, including reference and background checks
  • Our Tenant Buyers work closely with our Mortgage Broker during the Lease Purchase period.
  • You get to keep title until the Tenant Buyer actually buys the property.
  • You retain all the great tax benefit of ownership.  So you still keep all your tax deductions and then some – mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation. (Seek a tax accountant for professional advice.)

Bottom line – we can save you money, sell your house faster, and get you full price.