Seller Testimonials

These are real-life testimonials from actual seller clients that we’ve worked with in the past who have allowed us to share their experience from working with us.

“I was relocated to the west coast last year in March and needed to rent my house. It came down to the last month and Wynn contacted me about a Lease/Option to buy proposal. It made sense and exactly what I needed. Wynn found a tenant with in a month and this month closed on the sale, 9 months early. Wynn and his company made it simple and hassle free. I would highly recommend him for your real estate needs.”

Dwain Eberhard
Charlotte, NC

“Wynn has delivered the best possible Profile Picexperience for a cross-country landlord. I needed a win-win solution to sell my property and with Wynn’s hard work and patience he found great tenant buyers within a few weeks. I’m forever grateful and MUCH happier!”

Kimberly Houghton
San Diego, CA

“Wynn is very professional, dependable, thorough and andIMG_0088 people friendly. He posted my property for Lease on his website and in only ONE day, we had a Renter. I am very happy with the new tenants. The entire transaction went smoothly. Wynn is honest and driven with his priority keeping his clients and tenants happy. I highly recommend Wynn and the team at Metrolina Lease Purchase to All Property Owners and Tenants.
Thank you Wynn!”

Diedra Benson
Charlotte, NC

doug sheltonMy goal in writing this testimonial is to ease the minds of other sellers that are thinking about a lease purchase option. Wynn is a true professional and kept his word throughout the process. My home was leased out in 2 weeks and we are currently working on our 2nd deal together. I am very impressed with the way that Wynn and his company conduct business. I look forward to working with Wynn on many other deals in the future.”

Doug & Melissa Shelton
Huntersville, NC

“Wynn contacted me about an outstanding opportunity to rent my home through a rent to own program. This program helped me relocate my family after moving to another state to start a new job. With Wynn’s effort, I was able to have a tenant buyer in my home after 1 week on the market! Thanks to Wynn and his amazing marketing efforts I was able to reunite my family and earn a significant rent residual at the same time. Thanks so much Wynn! You saved my life!”

Dale A. Glover
Harrisburg, NC

“Wynn was great in helping us secure new tenant buyers.David Wilson We have rented this house at a loss for four years, and all we wanted to do was to sell it. I had been contacted by similar investors in the past, but no one ever made the process as simple and as clear as Wynn has. He is flexible and available, very thorough, and always has answers to my questions. He also found a tenant buyer for us in very little time, and he followed through to make the deal happen. We could not be happier!”

“I highly recommend to any sellers out there to talk to Wynn and see what he can do for you. He’ll make it happen!”

David Wilson
Charlotte, NC

“We completed a deal with Wynn recently that went very smoothly. He was very professional and was easily accessible to my calls. We closed within 7 days without any issues. We would recommend Wynn as a solid and very professional investor to work with.”

Terrell & Sue Nicoludis
Charlotte, NC

“I began my relationship with Wynn over the phone one afternoon as he spent over 45 minutes answering any and all questions that I had about the lease to purchase program. I decided to go with Metrolina and Wynn was very prompt in gathering information and posting everything to the website. I had a buyer, signed contract, and deposit in less than 2 weeks. Everything went very smooth and Wynn was very professional and prompt. I highly recommend using Metrolina as Wynn will make things simple and answer any questions that you may have.”

Mike Evans
Statesville, NC

“Wynn at Metrolina made the experience of leasing/selling smooth and seamless. We had a qualified tenant buyer in a relatively short time, and both I and the tenant buyers are very happy with the results!”

Alan & Barbara Lawton
Statesville, NC

“At the very first beginning, I did not feel very confident with lease-to-own option. After working with Wynn, now I believe this could be the best choice for a landlord/seller! Wynn does good business: he is honest and always keeps his words. He is easy to reach and always available to answer any questions I’ve ever had even after the deal was closed! He has secured a very qualified tenant buyer for me within one month. I highly recommend him to any landlords/sellers. He can truly make your life easier! Great job Wynn!!”

Joann Qiu
Charlotte, NC